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Flashlight maintenance skills

① When using the torch brightness has become weak, you need to charge the battery. Do not wait until the battery power is exhausted, and then charge; do not charge over discharge, so as not to damage the battery life!

② charge overcharge, the need for relative positive and negative, do not reverse the battery positive and negative. Flashlight when charging the charger indicator from "red" to "green" is full, then, unplug the charger, stop charging, the battery charging time can not be too long, generally a 18650 battery to charge 3-6 A clock.

③ bright light flashlight wall to keep clean, absolutely can not be hand or hard objects wipe, clear the lens or glass on the fingerprints, cotton swab dipped in lens cleaning agent can be gently wipe.

(4) Do not place the flashlight in the sun or high temperature environment (placed at room temperature), flashlight to stop using, please remove the battery is full of cool and dry place. Do not expose the torch to sunlight, water, chemicals, and corrosive gases for long periods of time to avoid damaging the flashlight.

Yuyao Keen New Power Co.,Ltd
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