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High-power LED works

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a kind of energy can be converted to light energy of the solid device, its structure is mainly composed of PN junction chip, electrode and optical systems. The basic working principle of LED is an electro-optical conversion process, when a forward bias is applied to both ends of the PN junction, due to the reduction of the PN junction barrier, the positive charge of the P region will diffuse to the N region, P region diffusion, while the formation of non-equilibrium charge accumulation in the two regions. For the PN junction system, the non-equilibrium holes injected into the valence band are recombined with the electrons in the conduction band, in which the excess energy will radiate outwards in the form of light, The larger the energy difference between electrons and holes, the higher the photon energy is. The energy difference of different sizes, resulting in the frequency and wavelength of light is different, the corresponding light color will be different.

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