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A Basic Overview Of Laser Flashlight

Laser flashlight's official name is "laser pointer" (Laser pointer), and the general laser pen and pointing star pen is different from its shell and ordinary flashlight similar to the larger, usually power is relatively large. Is the design of the visible laser portable, hand-easy grip, laser module (diode) processed into the pen-type transmitter. Common laser indicators are red (650-660nm), green (532nm), blue (445-450nm) and blue violet light (405nm) and so on. It is usually used by people who report, teach, and guide the project to project a spot or a ray of light to an object, but it can damage or affect the place of the guide, such as art galleries (some paintings are sensitive to light), zoos, etc. Should not be used.

Laser flashlight is a semiconductor laser, which is different from the laser pen because the volume is more easy to heat, laser module directly with the aluminum flashlight shell

(Laser pen is a copper shell)! Laser flashlight power is generally more than 5mw to hundreds of milliwatts is not, as shown in the following figure, better heat dissipation, so the stability is better than the laser pen And some laser flashlight (such as blue laser flashlight) power up to 1w; at the same time part of the laser flashlight also has focus function, laser beam strong clear, far range, most of them are using rechargeable lithium batteries (such as 18650 rechargeable battery models) Part and has a security lock, its appearance like a flashlight named.

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