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Aluminum Alloy LED Flashlight To Pay Attention To All Aspects

According to the different workplace, different working environment of the LED flashlight, aluminum flashlight requirements are different, the type of choice is also very different.

Flammable and explosive places explosion-proof, flashlight flashlight LED flashlight many categories: home light LED flashlight cost-effective, practical, moderate brightness, simple operation, easy to charge or replace the battery. LED gift flashlight portable easy to use, women have a certain self-defense function, lightweight, compact, good quality, moderate brightness, simple operation. Car flashlight, with car charging function, with high security, high hammer, long life, feature-rich. Night riding bike lights, hunting long-range flashlight, patrol LED flashlight, industrial mine explosion-proof flashlight. Outdoor LED flashlight has a good waterproof effect, long life, long range, high brightness, stable performance and so on.

Due to heat caused by a variety of problems, often greatly reduced the life of the laser, one try not to frequent switching LED flashlight, because the flashlight in the start of the moment, the starting current is much higher than the working current, Electrode overheating accelerates the emission of electron-emitting substances, resulting in shortened LED light-emitting diodes. Each switch a flashlight on the impact of LED light is equivalent to light 1-6 hours, so to minimize the number of flashlight switch. The second is to try to avoid the flashlight at high temperatures, generally more than 55 ℃ will greatly reduce its service life. Third, do the normal maintenance and cleaning of the flashlight, which for the normal operation of the flashlight to extend the life of the flashlight has an important significance. LED flashlight must pay attention to, because the torch light is too strong, do not on the human eye, super bright glare, can be short-term blinding, especially children. The development of modernization, China's lack of energy resources has become a fact. Learn to use the LED flashlight, extend its life, cherish their favorite LED flashlight, it is a kind of energy savings virtues.

Proper use and maintenance LED flashlight:

1: When the flashlight in the infection of seawater may be corrosive liquid, please clean with water in a timely manner, and dry with a dry hair.

2: When the light flashlight and the tail cover is not smooth, please apply a few lubricants at the interface.

3: light LED flashlight is not used when the battery out, on the cool place to stay.

4: After each use, please use a clean soft cloth to scrub the light flashlight.

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