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Camping Equipment LED Flashlight How To Choose

Like camping friends, in the wild have a high-power LED flashlight is very necessary, then how to choose outdoor LED flashlight it?

Professional outdoor LED flashlight, solid waterproof, multi-function, can be used when the headlights, bicycle lights, fishing lights, camping lights, tent lights, reliability is better. More importantly, the flashlight brightness and exposure to be larger, which is important for outdoor use. Of course, if the conditions permit, it is best to prepare a headlight and flashlight, light weight, be prepared Well.

If the backpack space is very tight, then with straight LED flashlight the most appropriate, the brightness will not be low, but also to ensure that tens of meters within the lighting range, small size is definitely capable of general outdoor use. If the loading capacity is relatively strong, you can consider with a big flashlight, is the so-called condenser long-range type, preferably with multi-file dimming function, because no one knows how long to use outdoor, with a high school Flashing light and flash and SOS help flashlight signal function, not only can adapt to the needs of a variety of circumstances, but also can choose the brightness mode, in order to achieve different life time. Need to use long-range light glare, if only to walk, with light or low light can be greatly extended battery life.

LED flashlight battery Do not use mixed battery, different types of batteries, different brands of batteries, cottage battery, may cause an explosion. Lithium-ion battery over discharge can cause damage to the battery, please note that the battery is damaged rather than reduce life expectancy. Lithium-ion battery overcharge may cause an explosion, the power of the explosion to firecrackers and more. Do not short-circuit lithium-ion battery.

Proper use of LED flashlight is generally safe, play flashlight if you do not understand the safety, the most fun battery No. 5 and No. 7 battery and lithium battery flashlight, not for the bright and choose cottage flashlight, something even manufacturers are looking for Less than, play cottage equivalent to take their own safety joking.

Loading and unloading LED torch flashlight lamp holder is best to remove the battery, and now many of the tube is the structure of this lamp holder body separation. If possible, try to use a battery with protection, so even if the short circuit, but also to avoid this situation. In particular, if your flashlight is for your family and they have no basic electrical knowledge, safety is more important and necessary.

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