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High - Power Flashlight Features

High-power flashlight refers to the use of a power of 3W ~ 10W single LED light flashlight. The biggest advantage of this high-power flashlight condenser effect is better, but still depends on the production of flashlight condenser is excellent. Manufacturing more formal single-head high-power flashlight, the concentrating effect than ordinary flashlight brightness even higher. Focused beam, strong penetration: the visibility can be very low fog, smoke, car glass case, illuminate the target. Can be widely used in outdoor sports, emergency, fire. Hunting, search, search evidence, conference briefing beam instructions. High-power flashlight barrel body using high-quality aviation metal aluminum, the surface hard anodized, high hardness, will not rust, to ensure good performance of the components of the product, durability 100%.

Yuyao Keen New Power Co.,Ltd
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