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LED Bike Lights For Riding A Night Riding A Green Lighting

LED bike lights

LED bike lights are installed on the bike for riding night riding green lamps. Riding a friend with a flashlight plus a combination of such a combination to play as night riding equipment, the biggest advantage is the economy portable, the disadvantage is narrow, narrow blind, short life, poor security.

LED bike lights

For professional riding friends, the lights are professional LED bike lights, this type of bicycle lights with a long life, floodlight long-range both, waterproof and sweat, carry bumps high security index.

LED bike lights The importance of good LED bike

Like riding a friend more and more, due to the relationship between the work, the choice of riding time is usually only the night and the weekend, holidays, night riding a very popular choice. Due to the special nature of night riding, LED lights become a necessity, then how to choose their own car lights it?

1. Can the temperature be adjusted to prevent the temperature from being too high?

2. Whether or not there is a defective beam

3. Aerospace aluminum shell, can prevent the impact of the outside world and effective cooling

4. Waterproof and rainproof anti-corrosion

5. High toughness of high-definition glass lenses to provide the strongest light transmittance

6. Irradiation distance far

Yuyao Keen New Power Co.,Ltd
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