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Led Candle Light And Led Bulb Difference

Led candle lights and led bulb difference

I believe we for the candle light and led bulb light must be no stranger, led candle lights and led bulb in our home life is more common, then led candle light and led bulb What is the difference? What are the advantages of each? The following led candle lights and led bulb difference and their respective advantages in detail:

Led candle light and bulb light is the main difference between candle light and led bulb design, led candle lights are often used in crystal lamps, wall lamps, marble lamp has a strong decorative, led candles The use of the lamp can be a good contrast to the entire space of the elegant and warm atmosphere. Led bulb shape design more traditional, commonly used in traditional lamps, such as chandeliers, led candle light relative to the price of led bulb to some of your favorite.

Led candle light with high-power bright light source, a variety of colors to choose from, the base is made of aluminum alloy, the surface to do oxidation, led candle light with light weight, good heat dissipation, good appearance, high decorative, Led candle light shape and candle flame similar to the name of the light for the yellow soft light.

Led candle light advantage:

Led candle light energy consumption is only one-tenth of the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps a quarter, led candle life can be more than 100,000 hours, due to the characteristics of candle shape has a very strong decorative effect, in the modern crystal lamp design On a lot of use. Led candle light also has environmental protection, mercury and other harmful substances, will not cause any damage to the environment. Led candles in the use of the process does not contain infrared and ultraviolet, so will not picking insects.

Led bulb is a new alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs energy-saving lamps. Traditional incandescent lamp high energy consumption, short life. Led bulb appearance using the traditional light bulb shape, the internal light led lamp beads. With energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no flicker, green and so on. With the global resource constraints and people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, led bulb is more and more use.

Led bulb energy advantage:

Led bulb energy consumption is only one-tenth of the incandescent lamp, one quarter of the energy-saving lamps, can work in high-speed state. As led technology continues to progress, making led bulb luminous efficiency has been a huge breakthrough, led bulb prices are also reduced.

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