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Led Candle Light How To Choose

With the LED more and more products into the tens of thousands of households, a wide range of LED products are endless, in these products have a good time, LED candle light is a very special lamp, the light into a flame Form, and is not dangerous, does not contain mercury (Hg) and other environmentally harmful substances, will not cause damage to the environment, non-infrared, UV, so do not picking insects. Then how do we choose it, here to say how to choose LED candle light.

1.LED candle lamp some of the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency, as well as the product of the internal material mask material and all the chips, will be marked on the product box, the more generally superior products in the packaging box Will write more clearly. LED chip's best choice should be sapphire chip, this chip light source is stable, not easy to flash, there is no uneven light, soft color, do not hurt the eyes. LED candle light is flash we can use the camera to shoot it, so you can easily see whether there is flash between the light.

2.LED candle lamp shell will also affect the luminous uniform light, the general candle light shell is divided into two, transparent and milky white. Get the lamp after we first look at the lamp and the lamp part of the link is loose, tilted head phenomenon, while the shell is no cracks, loosening, sealing should not be prying traces. And then use the baffle to see the light emitted by the light bulb is uniform, whether there is dark spots.

3.LED candle light luminous performance, the chip light, no harmful substances, but there is a big shortcomings of heat, this time is to test the cooling performance of our lamps, and now there are two kinds of materials for the use of heat, one is aluminum Made of material, one is ceramic. Ceramic material spread to the heat performance is relatively good, and strong, a good thermal performance LED candle lights, in order to achieve the minimum design 100,000 hours of product standards.

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