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Led Candle Light Purchasing Skills

LED Candle light light yellow soft light, with a candle flame sense, and no danger, can be used at ease, the bulb part of the use of LED bulbs, to give you a safe and secure scene effect. Built-in light bulbs, as long as three small lithium batteries, even if continuous use for a long time, will not be the case of overheating. The LED candle lamp includes a candle-shaped lamp body, a lamp holder connected to the lamp holder and a luminous body inside the lamp, which is characterized in that the luminous body is led and the two electrodes of the LED are connected with the corresponding electrodes of the lamp holder respectively.

How to choose

1, look at the packaging and trademarks. National mandatory requirements LED lighting manufacturers products in outer packaging marked the following: Rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. Generally speaking, the quality of the trademarks of High-quality products, clear fonts, not easy to fall off, with a soft wet cloth wipe, signs clearly discernible, not easy to erase, there are manufacturers of trademarks and related certification mark. Shoddy printing products poor quality, fuzzy font, easy to erase, no manufacturer of trademarks and related certification mark.

2. The appearance of LED candle lamp. Good LED lamp manufacturers, generally large-scale production of products, the production of LED candle lamp shape and size consistency is better, product quality is guaranteed. At the same time, the shell no cracks, loosening, sealing should not be pried the traces, in the installation, disassembly process, the lamp cap is not loose, crooked head phenomenon.

3, the temperature at work. LED candle lamp in normal working condition, its temperature rise should be very low. Otherwise, LED candle lamp life will be very short. At the same time, when the candle light is lit, there is a fast flashing, or very dazzling fluctuations, all of the quality of the luminaire.

4. Start performance. LED lights start with two characteristics: first, the higher the temperature to start the easier; In addition, it is worth mentioning that a lot of LED lights open very dark, this is detrimental to the lamp life, LED candle lamp should be in its internal power supply circuit and PCB board.

5. See if the link between lamp and lamp is loose. LED Candle lamp shell will also affect the luminous uniformity of the lamp, the general candle lamp shell is divided into two kinds, transparent and milky white. Get the lamp after we check the link between the lamp and lamp is loose, crooked head phenomenon, at the same time the shell no cracks, loose, the seal should not be pried off the traces. Then use the bezel to see if the light emitted by the bulb is even on the bezel.

Warm hint

1, the lamp in the normal and has the electricity condition, the life is 100,000 hours, the bulb is the built-in type, cannot replace.

2, LED candle light is flashing we can use the camera to shoot, so it is easy to see whether there is flashing between the light-emitting. The best choice of LED chip should be sapphire chip, this kind of chip light source is stable, not easy to flash, also does not have the luminous uneven, the color is soft, does not injure the eye.

LED Candle lamp has the tail and the sharp bubble two kinds of specification product, the shape extends the traditional classics, but also has the modern sense view. Can replace the 25W traditional candle lamp, used for wall lamp, chandeliers, candlestick lamps and other decorative lamps, in the construction of gorgeous lighting, but also make it possible to save energy.

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