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LED Flashlight And Ordinary Flashlight Five Major Differences

Many consumers in the purchase of flashlight, the LED flashlight and ordinary flashlight may have any difference is very puzzled, that today we take the look at the difference between the two.

LED flashlight advantages:

1, anti-drop: light flashlight is more durable, light flashlight is a layer of resin, not the traditional incandescent lamp used in the glass cover, so the seismic capacity is better, in fact, fall in the air, it will not fall broken.

2, softness: light flashlight is soft, the protection of the eye have a certain role. Traditional incandescent light is used in alternating current, under normal circumstances, will produce 100 to 200 times per second flashing. However, the use of LED flashlight, is through the AC to find the words for the DC, it will not produce flashing, the eye is a protective effect.

3, heat: light energy is relatively high, low heat. Traditional incandescent flashlight, not only low brightness, but also distribute a lot of heat, the new LED flashlight, to most of the energy into light energy, a very large extent to reduce heat, saving energy resources. The lamp itself will not cause harm.

4, security: light flashlight, more environmentally friendly, light flashlight LED lights do not contain mercury, even if the lamp broken, and will not like the traditional incandescent lamp, volatile large amounts of mercury vapor, destruction of the environment. In this sense, the light flashlight, can be said that the flashlight industry, green lighting tools.

5, self-defense: the use of solid materials, can be used for self-defense, and can use strong light exposure bad guys, so self-defense.

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