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Led Flashlight Features Introduced

LED flashlight with a multi-branch diode composition, color temperature is high. Giving the visual experience is very bright, this is his characteristics. There is that he is energy-efficient, a fifth battery can life more than 10 hours. The other is the magnesium alloy metal shell, the appearance of small wind and rain corrosion, it is suitable for outdoor use. But the biggest shortcoming of this product is the radiation distance is small, generally 20 meters. Far to not see. Above is the flashlight itself, the inadequacies. Here are some small factories because they see large profits also followed the production, prices continue to decline, resulting in aluminum flashlight materials decline, and the lack of weight, the other is to meet a lot of people feel bright psychology, the current transfer large, bright. In fact, LED flashlight diodes in the whole cost is not the highest. But the shell magnesium alloy. The most important component and process. Dachang production than the formal, more adequate component, the other process is very particular about. The process of some small factories very rough. There are LED is to control the current, or very easy to burn out. So the choice of LED must pay attention to the above points. [5] In addition to LED lights and single-lamp 1W difference, single lamp 1W is a new light source, foreign products are very popular. This LED is mainly a light, high-power design. There is also a condenser. If the quality is good, can be irradiated more than 100 meters. But the price is higher. Do have a good drive circuit. Appearance is also very fine. And a metal oxide film is used as the exterior decoration. Wear-resistant for a long time. The choice of this product must depend on the size of the craft and workmanship. Otherwise the quality can not be guaranteed. But the price is high.

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