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LED Flashlight Future Development Direction

LED flashlight future development direction

USB interface charging. Now the country is unified use of USB interface charger, the future USB interface, LED flashlight will be a major development direction. LED flashlight using high luminous efficiency of high-power LED, in special places in the plus waterproof, drop and other special materials, but the most important thing is the battery use time.

Ordinary battery. Now the flashlight on the market is generally used AA batteries, this battery is easy to buy, the average family have. The disadvantage is that the price is too expensive to use a shorter time. Dedicated battery. LED flashlight dedicated rechargeable battery, this battery can now use a few hours, but not easy to buy, to buy a flashlight when you buy, but also have to buy a dedicated charger. It has a long time to use the characteristics, but the life is not long, and the number of times to increase the use of the shorter charging time.

LED flashlight drive efficiency is generally not high, the heat problem has not been a fundamental solution. Dedicated LED flashlight driver chip to choose from too little product. In order to improve the penetration rate of LED flashlight, the price and the battery is a key factor, and now the manufacturers have seen this opportunity, but really do a good job almost no LED light source of light efficiency in the national policy Support and capital investment, the domestic LED industry has been rapid development, domestic LED technology has begun to mature, the price will be greatly reduced, I believe that cost-effective LED flashlight will soon enter the ordinary people's family.

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