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LED Flashlight, Ideal For Portable Lighting

LED flashlight, ideal for portable lighting

LED flashlight is a new type of flashlight with LED (light emitting diode) as light source. Because LED has high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and other characteristics, it is ideal for portable lighting.

Atomic electrons have a lot of energy levels, and when electrons transitions from high energy levels to low energy levels, the energy of electrons is reduced, and the reduced energy is converted into photon emission. A lot of these photons are laser.

LED principle is similar. But the difference is that the LED does not emit light through the electronic transitions inside the atom, but by adding a voltage across the PN junction of the LED so that the PN junction itself forms an energy level (in fact, a series of Level), and then electrons jump on this level and produce photons to glow.

LED under normal circumstances the service life should be more than 20,000 hours, every thousand hours of light failure should also be less than 15%, 8 hours is not bright is certainly wrong.

It may be your LED flashlight battery contacts or switch contacts oxidation, and find something scraping scraping can solve.

You first check the battery to see if the battery is not a problem, if not, it is likely that the torch has no current limiting circuit led to LED burned. Do not know what kind of LED lamp you are using. Ordinary high brightness lamp general current in 20mA or so, 1W high power lamp in the 200-300mA, 2W 400-600mA, and so on.

Generally cheap LED flashlight are not installed in the current limiting circuit, because the LED is a non-linear original, infinite flow circuit will make its current surge, and nickel-cadmium batteries than the general capacity of the battery to provide high capacity to high, so if the use of rechargeable batteries this problem more serious. Continued high current will cause high temperature inside the LED, which burned LED. LED flashlight So it is best to open to see, the easiest way is to series resistance in the lamp, high-power lamp has a dedicated constant current circuit. The lamp burned on the replacement, but fortunately, ordinary high-brightness LED prices are very low High power is also within the scope of the bear.

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