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LED Flashlight Life

Under normal circumstances, LED life should be more than 20,000 hours per thousand hours of light failure should also be less than 15%, 8 hours is not bright is certainly not right.

It may be your flashlight battery contacts or switch contacts oxidation, find something what you can scratch a scratch solution.

You first check the battery to see if it is not a battery problem, if not, it is likely that there is no current limiting circuit flashlight LED burn out. I do not know what kind of LED lamp you are using. General high-brightness lamp general current about 20mA, 1W high-power lamp 200-300mA, 2W 400-600mA, and so on.

The general cheap LED torches are not equipped with current limiting circuit, because the LED is a non-linear original, unlimited current circuit will make its current surge, while the nickel-cadmium batteries than the average high current capacity to provide more batteries, so if you use the rechargeable battery problem more serious. Continuous high current will generate high temperature inside the LED, which burned the LED. So it is best to open look, the simplest way is to series resistance in the lamp, high-power lamp has a dedicated constant current circuit. Can be replaced by the lamp burned, but fortunately now the average high brightness LED prices are low. High-power is also within the scope.

Special industries, such as security, police, ALICE and other related personnel need spare glare LED flashlight.

Because the traditional flashlight as an emergency lighting tools, the use of frequency is not high, easily overlooked, so when the emergency, often found, has long disappeared or the battery has already run out. For these shortcomings of the traditional flashlight, many flashlight manufacturers and flashlight flashlight wholesalers, more and more attention to the practicality and energy saving LED flashlight features, and now the market's flashlight, can be described as a wide range of varieties, including LED flashlight due to its Low power consumption, high brightness characteristics, highly respected and become the market's most popular practical lamps. But the same is the flashlight, but also different, especially the quality of the points, so we choose to use the flashlight at the same time, we must pay special attention.

High-power flashlight light source using solid-state high-power LED, light up to 200lm above the effective range of radiation up to 500 meters, LED life of up to 100,000 hours, weak light continuous lighting more than 10 hours, 18650 original battery cycle life of 500 times . Explosion-proof LED flashlight, energy efficient, light flashlight front attack head, with attack pain, uniform effect. Flashlight waterproof drop resistance, all sealed design, can work under water 2 meters, high hardness alloy shell, and drop resistance of 10 meters height drop does not affect the function, high temperature, high humidity performance, can be in a variety of harsh environments Use under conditions.

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