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LED Flashlight The Scope Of Application

LED flashlight Scope: Night riding, mountain road, electricity, petrochemical, oil, military, mine, public security, and other work to provide mobile lighting, and can be used for signal contact and azimuth display.

LED flashlight Features:

1, waterproof and anti-drop full seal design, immersion test, high hardness alloy shell, and drop resistance to 1 meter height drop does not affect the function; resistance to high and low temperature, high humidity performance, can be used under a variety of harsh environmental conditions.

2, reliable and reliable use of lithium-ion battery pollution-free, no memory, high capacity, long life, safety and stability, low self-discharge, charge and discharge at any time.

3, flexible and convenient structure of the delicate, beautiful light, can be destroyed in the waist or in the pocket to carry, easy to operate.

4, professional smart charger using a dedicated charge management chip control, high reliability, fast charging, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, trickle charge, full of lights and other functions.

5, energy efficient light source using high-power high-brightness white LED, less energy consumption, life of up to 100,000 hours, reflective cup with high-tech surface treatment process, high efficiency, On the basis of the addition of strobe light function.

6, can be used for long-range signal indication, visual distance of 5,000 meters. Continuous lighting time of not less than 4 hours.

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