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LED Flashlight To How To Maintain?

LED flashlight because of energy efficient, high brightness and multi-functional features, and our lives are closely related. But should also pay attention to good maintenance work to extend the service life, the following teach you LED flashlight maintenance to pay attention to some of the problems:

1, when the use of flashlight brightness has become weak, you need to charge the battery. Do not wait until the battery runs out and recharge; do not overcharge the discharge, so as not to damage the battery life!

2, charge overcharge, the need for positive and negative relative, do not reverse the battery positive and negative. LED flashlight charging charger indicator from the "red" to "green" is full, then, unplug the charger, stop charging, the battery charging time can not be too long, generally a 18650 battery to charge 3-6 bell.

3, LED flashlight wall to keep clean, absolutely can not hand or hard objects to wipe, remove the lens or glass on the fingerprint, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a lens cleaner gently wipe.

4, LED flashlight to avoid the sun or high temperature environment (placed at room temperature), flashlight after use, please remove the battery filled in a cool dry place. Do not expose the torch to long-term contact with sunlight, water, chemicals and turbid gases to avoid damage to the torch protection layer.

5, do not use the voltage when the voltage, do not exceed 4.5V, the battery positive forward, do not reverse, otherwise it will burn the circuit board, pay attention to control the torch temperature changes, non-professionals do not open the circuit board.

6, LED flashlight if not used for a long time, the battery should be full of preservation, normal in about three months and then charge and discharge once, to avoid chemical rot. Check that the threads are tightened without loosening, and if the threads are not tightened, it may cause no light or light

7, LED flashlight aviation aluminum alloy material, surface anodized, seismic, anti-fall, wear, but it is best not to use more than the impact of aluminum alloy material, so as not to damage the appearance of flashlight;

8, LED flashlight Although the design is exquisite, strong sealing, can prevent live rain, fog, moisture, etc., but can not dive or soak in the water for a long time, so as not to damage the circuit board, causing a short circuit!

The above is the daily life of our use of LED flashlight should pay attention to some of the problems, I hope you know a lot, at the same time what do not understand can learn more about us Oh

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