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Led Headlight Can Make Our Hands Free To Do More Things

We are in the night when the time, if holding a flashlight, there will be a hand can not be empty out, so that no chance to meet the unexpected situation in a timely manner. and so. A good headlamp is what we have when we go through the night. The same token, when we camp in the evening, wearing headlights can let our hands idle to do more things.

LED headlamp performance

Product performance structure and composition The product consists of headlights, chargers, rechargeable batteries, power outlets and cable lines. Color distance ≥ 5500K; distance from the work of the illumination: 25cm from the work area, the focus is a diameter of 25mm round, the illumination ≥ 16Klux; distance from the work area 25cm, the focus is a diameter of 55mm round, the illumination ≥ 8Klux. According to the number and length of cable lines are divided into three product numbers: REF 507.4505.0 (cable 1, length 40cm), REF 507.4506.0 (cable 2, the length of 40cm and 140cm, respectively), REF 507.4507. 0 (cable 1, length 200cm).

LED headlamp application

LED headlights is an indispensable outdoor activities, an important equipment, such as night trekking, night camping, although some people say that the effectiveness of flashlight and headlights almost, but the new headlights used in power-saving technology, such as LED cold light technology, And high-end headlights on the lamp cup material innovation, are the civilian price of the flashlight can not be compared, so that the headlights can replace the flashlight, and flashlight can not replace the headlights.

LED headlights pay attention to the proposal

1. Headlights or flashlights are very important equipment, but when not in use must remove the battery to avoid being corroded.

2. A few headlights waterproof or even water resistance, if you think the water is very important to buy such a waterproof light bulb but the best is the rain, because the weather is not in the field can be manipulated;

3. head lamp holder need a comfortable cushion, some are like a pen hanging in the ear;

4. Lamp holder switch to be durable, do not appear on the backpack will open their own waste of electricity or some situation, the lamp holder switch design is best a groove, if you feel the progress of the process will be the best with a patch Close, remove the lamp or remove the battery;

5. The bulb is not durable for a long time and it is best to carry a spare bulb for use, such as halogen krypton argon and other bulbs that generate heat and are lighter than the vacuum tube bulb (vacuumbulb), although the use will be high amperage and shorten the battery usage time, most The bulb will mark the amperage at the bottom, while the average battery life is 4 amps / hour when it equals 8 hours at 0.5 amps.

6. When buying the best place in the dark place test lights, light to white, condenser is better, or can adjust the kind of condenser.

7. A way to test the LED: generally installed three batteries, first installed two batteries, the third section with the key short-term uniform and durable (compared to the non-booster circuit headlights), and lighting Time is relatively long (brand [AA] battery about 30 hours or so), as the camp light (that is, used in the tent) is ideal; with step-down circuit headlights shortcomings is: such headlights poor water resistance (most of them Not waterproof).

6, if it is the night of climbing, it is best to use the kind of bulb headlamp light source is ideal, because it is effective light at least 10 meters (2 5 batteries), and there are 6 to 7 hours of normal Brightness, and most of the rain can be, and then bring two spare batteries a night do not have to worry about (do not forget to bring a spare flashlight, when the battery used).

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