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Led Headlight Performance Characteristics

Led Headlight  product performance structure and composition of the product from the headlights, chargers, rechargeable batteries, power outlets and cable lines. Color distance ≥ 5500K; distance from the work of the illumination: 25cm from the work area, the focus is a diameter of 25mm round, the illumination ≥ 16Klux; distance from the work area 25cm, the focus is a diameter of 55mm round, the illumination ≥ 8Klux. According to the number and length of cable lines are divided into three product numbers: REF 507.4505.0 (cable 1, length 40cm), REF 507.4506.0 (cable 2, the length of 40cm and 140cm, respectively), REF 507.4507. 0 (cable 1, length 200cm).

LED headlights widely used in a variety of explosive flammable places and fire, power plant, military, network, chemical, railway, oil and other industries as mobile lighting.

LED headlamps performance characteristics:

1. Remove the headrest with a riser, or you can work on a helmet.

2. Light source is the use of imported LED light source, life of up to 100,000 hours, while high luminous efficiency.

3. Charger is a smart chip to control the charge, but also has multiple protection functions.

4. Humanized head design, headband flexibility is good, soft, the length can be adjusted.

5. Battery is a new generation of intrinsically safe, high-energy polymer lithium battery, environmentally friendly pollution-free, safe.

6. Intelligent power display and low-voltage warning function design, you can always check the battery power. When the power is not sufficient, the lamp will automatically prompt the charge.

7. Humanized warning light design, when the operation of the overshoot in the event of an emergency situation, press the switch to switch to the red blessing and so on to send a signal for help to ensure safety.

8. The lamp irradiation angle can be adjusted at any time, according to the work of the scene to achieve light positioning.

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