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LED Headlights The Distance Of The Work Distance

Introduction to LED headlamps

Light-emitting diodes are referred to as LEDs. Is made of a compound containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), and the like. Headlamp (headlamp), as the name suggests, worn on the head of the lamp, is the liberation of the hands of the lighting tool.

LED headlights main effect

When we walk in the night, if you hold a flashlight, there will be a hand can not be empty out, so that no chance to meet the unexpected situation in a timely manner. and so. A good headlamp is when we go to the night to have. The same token, when we camp in the evening, wearing headlights can make our hands idle to do more things.

LED headlights Performance composition

Product performance structure and composition The product consists of headlights, chargers, rechargeable batteries, power outlets and cable lines. Color distance ≥ 5500K; illumination distance at the working distance: 25cm from the working area, the spot is focused into a diameter of 25mm, the illumination ≥ 16Klux; from the work area 25cm, the light spot is a diameter of 55mm circle, the illumination ≥ 8Klux. According to the number of cable and the length of the different divided into three product numbers: REF 507.4505.0 (cable 1, length 40cm), REF 507.4506.0 (cable 2, the length of 40cm and 140cm, respectively), REF 507.4507. 0 (cable 1, length 200cm).

LED headlights Applicable scope

Product Scope This product is suitable for ENT for clinical examination and treatment to provide lighting.

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