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Led Sensor Control Light A Brief Introdction

led sensor control light common led night light simple introduction

Led night light is home more commonly used lamps to LED as the light source, energy saving, variety, in different environments suitable for use, can bring warmth for home life and great convenience, this article on the use of the led sensor control light led night light for a brief introduction, so that we choose:

First, a led sensor control light light control led night light

This product is the most basic, there are many brands on Taobao, product quality uneven, basically have both white and yellow light, brightness is not high.

Control type: light control, dark environment that light

Brightness: lower

Applicable environment: bedroom, bathroom, baby room, night need a weak light of the place.

Price: between 10 yuan and 20 yuan

Disadvantages: cost in general, low brightness, quality and more general.

In addition to light control of the control, some products are switches, voice, remote control and so on.

For example, a very characteristic keyboard lights, shoot on the light, and then take about to destroy, you can do a small lamp, moderate brightness.

led sensor control light, the sun cans led night light

A few years ago popular stuff, Sun Jar sun cans, authentic quality, feel good.

led sensor control light The upper part of the tank has a solar panel, which can be charged automatically every day in the sun.

Solar panels installed under a section of the five batteries, you can change their own capacity for a higher rechargeable battery, the night can be more lasting light.

Now thrown on the windowsill, at night can be seen downstairs.

Control type: light control, dark environment, people meet bright

Brightness: warm, low brightness

Applicable environment: solar panels have a switch, you can usually charge a good charge, power outage or special time to open the use of led sensor control light common led night light simple

Price: high prices, when the genuine seems to be more than a hundred to buy, piracy is very cheap, do not know how the quality.

Disadvantages: cost-effective in general, need to often charge.

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