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Outdoor Flashlight Commonly Used Performance Indicators

1. Brightness. In the absence of auxiliary light source outside the case, the general choice of light flashlight or headlights, so that we can more clearly see the place of exposure, night light on the wild animals will have a deterrent effect.

2. Endurance. Recommended 18650 battery (capacity), now flashlight or headlights in order to increase battery life, have added a 18650 battery or provide a backup battery to increase battery life, what is more, the use of four 18650 battery parallel head Lights, basic life is no problem. In addition to the battery, lamp brightness adjustment is also related to battery life in some circumstances we need low-light lighting to meet the demand, but in some harsh environments we need high-brightness lighting to ensure safety, This time, can adjust the light intensity of the flashlight is particularly important, and can help us improve battery life, but also to meet different needs.

3. Waterproof. Outdoor outdoor camping is difficult to avoid rain, so outdoor lighting must be waterproof, or rain or flooding will cause the circuit short-circuit caused by extinguishing or flickering, causing a security risk in the dark. Then in the purchase of lighting tools must understand its water resistance, waterproof use IPX said that the general outdoor level 3 and above the need for waterproof level, the greater the number the better the water resistance.

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