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Precautions For Flashlight

1. The number of heads is moderate. Household generally not more than 12, the use of the battery in the 2 to 3 as well, then a little waste, for other special needs can be determined according to their needs.

2. Welding to prison. Each diode is connected by welding on the circuit board, if there is Wudao contact is not good, it may cause the beads do not light or affect the overall use.

3. Concentration of electric beads as far as possible. This flashlight can not adjust the focal length as an ordinary torch, the purchase should be careful not to have astigmatism phenomenon.

4. Power switch contact to be obvious. This flashlight more than the use of rotary switches, tighten on the open, and then loosen the customs, if the contact is not obvious, it is easy to cause when the phenomenon of light off.

5. Pay attention to waterproof. Because it belongs to electronic products, flashlight front of a circuit board, once the water prone to short-circuit, causing damage.

Yuyao Keen New Power Co.,Ltd
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