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Sensor Light Intelligent Lighting Products

A brief introduction to sensor lights

Sensor light The sensor lamp is a new type of intelligent lighting product that automatically controls the light source through the induction module.

Sensor light Introduction:

Induction lamp is made of imported technology MCU circuit, active infrared work, with good stability, strong anti-interference characteristics, with infrared decoding, widely used in demanding commercial and industrial applications. Is a new generation of green energy-saving lighting.

Sensor light Features´╝Ü

1, based on infrared technology, automatic control products, when someone into the switch sensor range, the special sensor to detect changes in the human infrared spectrum, the switch automatically connected to the load. People do not leave and in the activities, the switch continues to turn on; people leave, the switch delay automatically shut down the load, people to light, people off the lights off, cordial and convenient, safe and energy saving.

2, with zero-crossing detection: non-contact electronic switch to extend the load life.

3, the application of photosensitive control, automatic switch metering, light is not sensitive when strong.

4. Power: a ladder two street lights calculation, the average annual electricity costs less than 2.00 yuan

5. Security: the use of infrared sensor technology, no sound, no need to touch, the guarantor to the light without dark areas, effectively enhance the living area of modern residential and security quality.

6. beautiful: elegant design, the installation is very convenient to enhance the district grade,

7. Reliability of the sensor: the use of thyristor lines, high reliability, and the number of induction work is almost infinite, similar products in the best electronic circuits, other light source of the electronic circuit board is a relay, The number of use has been clearly defined, and directly affected by the quality of the relay, easier to out of line failure.

The long life of the light source: the use of incandescent, there is no electronic circuit of the interference, incandescent lamp life significantly longer, up to 2 years, and other light sources, such as electronic energy-saving lamps, ring lamp, Disturbance factors, repeated use, very easy to black, resulting in lamp scrap, the general life of only 6 months or so,

The use of high-quality plastic lamp plate, easy to deformation / discoloration / damage, transportation is very convenient.

8. The whole lamp in the same light in a significant price advantage, dealers and users can accept the market space.

Select the induction lamp can give priority to the infrared incandescent light source sensor light as well!

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