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The Principle Of Solar Flashlight

The basic principle of solar flashlight, the sun light to the surface of the solar flashlight pn junction of the semiconductor pn junction, the formation of a new hole - electron pairs in the pn junction under the action of electric field, the hole flows from the p-zone n, electrons from N District flow to the p area, connected to the circuit after the formation of current. The current stored in the battery, to the need for flashlight when connected to the circuit, driving the LED light. 2 solar flashlight structure Solar flashlight with the general appearance and structure of the flashlight is similar to the handle wall is usually equipped with solar panels, and some will be made into a dual-use battery and solar flashlight. Mainly composed of solar panels, batteries (commonly used lithium batteries), LED drive circuit, LED bulbs. 3 Features of solar flashlight Solar flashlight with a novel structure, small size, light weight, high brightness, long lighting time, easy to carry and so on. As long as the sun will be able to charge without having to replace the battery, saving the purchase of battery costs, but also reduce the waste batteries on the environment pollution. 4 solar flashlight applications

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